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Transfer Tax

This tax is paid by the buyer when buying a second-hand propriety.

The tax is paid to the autonomous regions who can choose to apply the general rate or their own rate.
The general rate is 7% but this can be higher depending on the region the property is located in.

It is calculated using a percentage applied to the taxable assets.
In this case, the taxable rate used is the financial value which can be calculated differently for each Autonomous Community.

The ITP has to be paid at the Tax Office after filing a request form.

Good to know

ITP applies if the property is a second or posterior transfer, not a newly built home, and it is paid by the buyer.
If any deposit is paid before the sale is completed, you do not have to pay the ITP pro rata but after completion it still has to be paid.
In this case there is no VAT/IVA and the stamp duty is already included in the ITP.