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Plusvalia is a tax that is paid to the local council by the vendor but the buyer might have to if the vendor did not.

Plusvalia is due when selling a property you owned.

The cadastral value of the property at the time of selling is multiplied by the annual rate calculated by the Town Hall.

It is calculated depending on the value of the ground the property is built on (cadastral value), the period of ownership and the location.

You have 30 days from the date you sold the property to pay the plusvalia.
In case the property was inherited after a death, it gives you 6 months to pay it.


If you are a non-resident then the buyer can insist on retaining the plusvalia and this is because in the case you would leave Spain, the buyer could be left with the plusvalia to pay.

Good to know

By default the law says the vendor has to, though both parties are free to negotiate who pays it, unless the vendor is spanish.