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Notary Fees

The notary fees are paid by the buyer when buying a property.
They depend upon the purchase price and upon the number of clauses in the deeds.

Usually fees are calculated according to the following:
0 - 100.000 fees 0,4% of the purchase price.
100.000 - 400.000 fees are between 0,1% and 0,4%
Above 400.000 EUR fees are 0,1%

If the buyer contracts a mortgage there will be also notary fees based on the number of clauses in the mortgage deeds.

The notary does not just verify the documents but they also check the last wills and testaments, marriage settlements, general contracts and agreements, loans, mortgages and other debts to make sure the property is allowed legally to be sold.

The amount for the fees is established by the law and is a legal cost that you must pay.

These are set by the National Tax Administration in accordance to the number of clauses in the deeds and the property value that is declared.