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Real Estate Agencies Commissions

The real estate agency fees or commissions are usually paid by the seller of a property and are paid when purchasing a property.

The seller pays these fees to the real estate agency or agent after the property has been sold, the commission is usually already added to the selling price.

The commission is paid for the help that the agencies provide you when selling a property, by helping you find a buyer faster.

The fees range from 2% to 10% but agents usually charge around 5% + IVA (VAT) 21% of the fees, from the selling price.

The fees can vary depending on the negotiations you make with the agency.

Good to know

As a seller you can deduct the agency fees from your capital gains tax.


An exclusivity contract gives the real estate agent the exclusive right to sell your property for a determined period of time that usually includes a clause that prohibits you to sell privately.

In the situation that you do sell outside of this contract the worst thing that could happen would be that the real estate agency would ask you to pay the commissions, even if the sale was not made through them.